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This is the Luncheon Print

  • By Alisha Thomas

This is the Luncheon Print


ruby assata luncheon print


Fancy ladies lunch is my favorite. I drew a bunch of my favorite objects and combined them into a ditsy print for my lining.



Designing this print was really special to me because, in fashion, I always love the small details of a piece that only the wearer can see: a monogrammed pocket, a pearl button clasp, a secret message. The Luncheon print is an inside joke, a nod to how chaotic a woman's life can and will always be. No matter how fancy the outside of a bag is, there's always a bunch of crap scattered on the inside. It seems more accurate to me than a pristine white lining.


 screen printing

I spent hours hand placing each object in illustrator to really make the pattern random and so I could print on repeat.

Every time I tried to do an automated repeat pattern in illustrator it would create an obvious pattern.


I then converted the pattern into a screen so I could print the linings myself. 

screen printing

The weight of my hand varies on each print. Some are fat and some thin. It's all a surprise!

ruby assata tissue paper

I even printed my tissue paper.

These are some of my favorite parts of the print. 


Bows should be on everything. 

ruby assata luncheon print bic pen

Pens - those old school Bic Clic pens are the prettiest

ruby assata luncheon print bobby pin

Bobby pins - I have a million of them all over the place but none when I need one

ruby assata luncheon print beer

Beer - I drink a lot of canned beer

ruby assata luncheon print pill

Pills - because sometimes it’s not acceptable to drink a glass of red wine on a 6 AM flight

ruby assata luncheon print teacup

Teacup - every cup I have ever owned is from a thrift store and has a chip in it.


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